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Digitalization and Sustainable Guidance


Financial advice and technical advice
Schaffer Alexander 2023-04-10

Services of a CFO, CTO and COO for the implementation of digital projects


Will cash be abolished?

Austrians' love of cash
Michael Mahlknecht 2019-01-27

In the 2019 Austrian National Council election campaign, proposals were made by the former governing parties ÖVP and FPÖ to anchor the use of cash in the constitution. Before taking office, the designated Governor of the OeNB also stated that he considered cash to be indispensable as a means of payment. But what are the common concerns and arguments for and against abolishing cash?


Digital Transformation - An attempt at a definition

Schaffer Alexander 2023-04-10

The doorman had the task of managing access to a property. He checked who was allowed to enter, granted access according to more or less strict rules and - quite banally - opened the door. Throughout history, the job description of the porter has evolved from doorman to doorman and caretaker to concierge providing additional services.


Corona and digitalization

What Corona teaches us about digitalization
Christopher Offenthaler 2023-04-10

In the media these days you often hear sentences like this (or similar): »The corona virus offers us the opportunity to advance Austria in digitization.« But what does that mean? The advancing technologization? Hardly, because it is happening exponentially – similar to the unbridled spread of the COVID 19 virus – and has not only arrived through the appearance of the virus. Rather, it is to be understood that WE – as individuals, executives such as employees, business people and consumers, grandparents, parents and children – were literally forced by the abruptly and externally interrupted flow of life as we were used to it, to deal with the already existing possibilities of digitization.


Sharing the environment for the love

Raw materials and resources are becoming scarce. Time to share them efficiently
Schaffer Alexander 2023-04-10

Car sharing, room sharing but also cloud models make a valuable contribution to the careful use of resources. Considerations using the example of the status symbol Auto.


Performance Checklist

Code and Architektur
Schaffer Alexander 2023-04-10

Architecture, errors or unnecessary complex functionality in the code reduces performance